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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer is slipping away.

Wow, youth camp, lock-in, movie night, putt putt golf...a lot of activities happening. But how many teaching moments have you had? I'm actually starting to see leaves changing here.

I met a 35 year old woman who told me all about the great youth group her church had when she was a kid. Lots of fun stuff and the youth pastor, a great fun guy. But when I asked if she believed in Jesus she said no. Further conversation showed she had little knowledge or understanding of the gospel message.

She rated her youth group as great because of the fun activities. How do you rate your youth group? By activities or by teens life changes. Don't assume your kids are Christians just because they attend. A regular clear statement of the Gospel message should be on the agenda.

Keep teaching as a top priority. Activities should be supportive of teaching moments. They can find activities many places. What you offer is the Gospel message and Biblical teaching. Stay focused.

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